Best Wishes to 2015-16 MPSD Retirees!

Alumni may recognize many of the names of our staff retiring at the end of the 2015-16 school year. They were honored at a May 11 Quarter Century Club / Retiree Dinner. Please wish them heartfelt thanks and best wishes in retirement! THANK YOU for your service, passion and care for our youth. #shipspride

Read more about our retirees here and in a Herald Times Reporter story.

  • Lindy Backus - 16 years, Kindergarten teacher at Riverview
  • Cheryl Breitenfeldt - 30 years, library media managerat Riverview
  • Barb Bundy-Jost -28 years, art teacher at Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln
  • Susan DeRoche - 30 years, math teacher at Lincoln
  • Cheryl Gorsuch - 17 years, English teacher at Lincoln
  • Marianne Haag - 24 years, CDS aide at Jackson
  • Carol Haas - 12 years, special education aide at Lincoln
  • Paul (Biff) Hansen - 38 years, assistant principal at Lincoln
  • Angela Janda -15 years, second grade teacher at Jackson
  • Susan Krey - 18 years, teacher at Monroe
  • Steven Kleinfeldt - 26 years, principal at Jackson
  • Charles Kurth - 35 years, head custodian at Lincoln
  • Trudy LeClair -21 years, teacher at Monroe
  • Marlene Mangin - 22 years, custodian at Riverview
  • Steven Metzger - 25 years, custodian at Lincoln
  • Clayton Nei - 15 years, tech ed teacher at Washington, Wilson and Lincoln
  • Bonnie Noworatzky - 24 years, secretary at Jefferson
  • Gene Schnelle - 17 years, math and science teacher at Washington, Wilson and Lincoln
  • Jeff Schulz - 20 years, district Buildings and Grounds Director
  • Anne Swanson - 19 years, early childhood and 4K teacher at Riverview
  • Amalie Wardman - 13 years, ESL assistant at Jefferson
  • Mary Wilhelm - 26 years, Chapter 1 home visitor at Riverview


Front row: Angela Janda, Marianne Haag, Bonnie Tennie, Kathy Lemberger. Row 2: Paul (Biff) Hansen, Lindy Backus, Charles Kurth, Patricia Garceau, Jill Cavanaugh, Trudy LeClair, Mary Wilhelm. Row 3: Clayton Nei, Susan DeRoche, Gene Schnelle, Marlene Mangin, Steve Kleinfeldt, Susan Krey, Anne Swanson. Not present: Barb Bundy-Jost, Sandra Maedke, Steven Metzger, Cheryl Breitenfeldt, Cheryl Gorsuch, Carol Haas, Bonnie Noworatzky, Jeff Schulz and Amalie Wardman

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