99-Year-Old Alumnus Recalls 1934 Graduation

What a treasure to hear a first-hand account of the Class of 1934 graduation ceremony. 

Virginia Rosinsky, who is 99 years old and turns 100 in October, remembered her Lincoln High School graduation in a recent interview with the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. Rosinsky's graduation was the first ceremony to be held outdoors - an annual tradition that has continued ever since.

Read the FULL STORY here: http://www.htrnews.com/story/news/local/2016/06/09/99-year-old-virginia-rosinsky-recalls-manitowoc-lincoln-graduation/85352164/   Here is an excerpt:

MANITOWOC - Virginia Rosinsky remembers Lincoln High School’s first outdoor graduation ceremony like it was yesterday.

Of course, yesterday was actually more than 80 years ago.

"It’s a long time ago when you think of it," said the 1934 graduate, who will turn 100 in October.

Still, Rosinsky remembers her ripe-peach-colored dress — though she would have preferred blue — and being in the first pair to walk down the school's steps at the start of the ceremony.  [Read more]

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