Alumni Spotlight: Joe Wiesner (1990 Grad)

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Then and now: Mr. Wiesner in 1990 (high school senior photo) and today

Alumnus: Joe Wiesner

Year Graduated from Lincoln High: 1990

Post high school education earned: Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from UW - Eau Claire, Master’s in Education in School Counseling from UW - Superior.

Current occupation: School Counselor at Lincoln High School and coach of multiple sports

Where resides now: Manitowoc, WI

Clubs/activities/sports involved in when in high school: Football, Swim Team, Student Senate, Lunch Bunch (non-alcoholic support group that organized events during lunch)

Favorite memories of Lincoln High School or earlier? Jackson Elementary: 5th Grade Mrs. Lucy Glaeser’s class was fun year round. 4th Grade Mrs. Gamlin’s class during snack time - one particular friend had fruits and vegetables during snack time made into cool toys such as a celery drag car. It made food look appetizing. Lincoln: Sports include track, football and swimming. Had friends mostly from the swim team. “I sucked at swimming” but “hung out after sitting in my friend’s kitchen, eating elephant tracks out of the container with spoons.”

Teachers / coaches who made an impact on you and why? Mrs. Nitknocker, 2nd grade - taught counting with fingers. Mrs. Mossholder, 3rd Grade - Little House on the Prairie, learned to make a Christmas present and then exchange it with another student. Also, remembers the Mulligan Stew they made. It taught him what life was like during the Great Depression. Mrs. Lucy-Dollows, 5th Grade - token economy taught him financial responsibility and goal setting.

How have you shown your dedication to Manitowoc Public School District? “I came back to Lincoln. I have been an advisor for Club Sandwich, Link Crew, and coached every single year I’ve worked here. I coached 7th, 8th, and 9th grade football, JV girls fastpitch, assistant coach for JV, freshman, and varsity wrestling and varsity assistant coach for swimming 7 years. I have also coached Wilson track and field for 3-4 years.”

What makes you enthusiastic about helping students with counseling as well as sports? “It’s SUPER FUN! Every day is a little different. I get to work with all students, junior high and high school students, as well as some of the best students and some of the worst students in the school. Watching a kid improve at anything they’re doing is so rewarding. I love helping kids become better people. Working with struggling students and helping them make that connection and overcome their obstacles is rewarding. Due to the fact that I’m an alumnus, it’s more personal to me.” 

Advice to current students? “Can’t cheat work, you either do the work or you don’t.”

Any other info you’d like to add? “My favorite color is blue and I didn’t purchase a single item of SpongeBob in my office.”

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