LHS Marching Band Performs for Ailing '97 Grad

image001(1).jpgBecause Ships sail together.

The Lincoln High Marching Band immediately agreed when asked to perform for '97 grad Challise Rosinsky at her 38th birthday party.

Her friends fear she will not see her 39th.

Challise, who played percussion in the band when she was in high school, is in hospice care in the advanced stages of Huntington's disease, a progressive, neurodegenerative disease with no cure. The diseaseĀ breaks down a person's physical and mental abilities.

WATCH FOX 11 NEWS VIDEO about Challise and Lincoln's Marching Band. See photos and videos on Homecare's Facebook page.

Patti Zarling of the Herald Times Reporter wrote a moving story about Challise and her April 18 birthday party organized by childhood friend, fellow LHS alum Nicole Meissner. The party was at Jenn's Java, where the women often hung out until Challise was no longer able. The coffee shop is owned by another LHS alum, Jennifer Backus.

image002(1).jpgJenn wrote: "The friends you make in school, after school and during the rest of your life will help to mold you into the person you are. I met Challise in high school band and got to know her even better as a fun, sassy customer at Jenn's. I also got to know Katie who is largely responsible for pulling together an awesome little birthday party for her.

"I can't say enough about the awesome group of students from Lincoln High School band who willingly performed after school for Challise! Proud to be an alumni, lucky to be a part of something wonderful."


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