Manitowoc Student Featured in 'Future of Good' Video

Wilson Jr. High 7th grader Lia Haile is featured in a new promotional video shot this month for U.S. Cellular's "Future of Good" campaign.

Watch the video here and check out Lia's feature on the "Future of Good" website

Screen_Shot_2016-11-30_at_3.30.29_PM.pngLia won U.S. Cellular's contest last year for her inspirational work creating the Hopeful Hearts Club, which supports children and families at a Manitowoc homeless shelter called Hope House, including throwing birthday parties for children. U.S. Cellular donated $10,000 to Lia's group and the shelter.

"We have awesome students and an awesome community," said Wilson Principal Lee Thennes after seeing the new video showcasing Lia, Wilson and the Manitowoc community.

In the video, Lia said all students can help make a difference.

"It's about following your heart," she said. "Everybody has a gift or a talent or a passion. Use that gift to help others.... Watch the ripple effect of your one act of kindness spread far and wide."

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