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99-Year-Old Alumnus Recalls 1934 Graduation

What a treasure to hear a first-hand account of the Class of 1934 graduation ceremony. 

Virginia Rosinsky, who is 99 years old and turns 100 in October, remembered her Lincoln High School graduation in a recent interview with the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter. Rosinsky's graduation was the first ceremony to be held outdoors - an annual tradition that has continued ever since.

Read the FULL STORY here:   Here is an excerpt:

MANITOWOC - Virginia Rosinsky remembers Lincoln High School’s first outdoor graduation ceremony like it was yesterday.

Of course, yesterday was actually more than 80 years ago.

"It’s a long time ago when you think of it," said the 1934 graduate, who will turn 100 in October.

Still, Rosinsky remembers her ripe-peach-colored dress — though she would have preferred blue — and being in the first pair to walk down the school's steps at the start of the ceremony.  [Read more]

2016 Grad Shows Great-Grandfather's 1924 Diploma

2016 LHS graduate Easton Orlopp holding his great-grandfather’s diploma from Lincoln High School. Easton's great-grandfather Easton A. Orlopp graduated on June 12, 1924 - 92 years ago.



Class of 2016 Grad Wins Art Award

Class of 2016 graduate Arthur Thao was honored with the Lester Schwartz Scholarship for his accomplishments in art.

The $1,000 award is given each year to a student pursuing a career in the visual arts and is in memory of Lester Schwartz. A Lincoln High graduate, Schwartz was an acclaimed artist whose work is included in permanent collections at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Walker Center in Minneapolis.

Read more about Arthur Thao's art accomplishments in this Herald Times Reporter story.

Best Wishes to 2015-16 MPSD Retirees!

Alumni may recognize many of the names of our staff retiring at the end of the 2015-16 school year. They were honored at a May 11 Quarter Century Club / Retiree Dinner. Please wish them heartfelt thanks and best wishes in retirement! THANK YOU for your service, passion and care for our youth. #shipspride

Read more about our retirees here and in a Herald Times Reporter story.

  • Lindy Backus - 16 years, Kindergarten teacher at Riverview
  • Cheryl Breitenfeldt - 30 years, library media managerat Riverview
  • Barb Bundy-Jost -28 years, art teacher at Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln
  • Susan DeRoche - 30 years, math teacher at Lincoln
  • Cheryl Gorsuch - 17 years, English teacher at Lincoln
  • Marianne Haag - 24 years, CDS aide at Jackson
  • Carol Haas - 12 years, special education aide at Lincoln
  • Paul (Biff) Hansen - 38 years, assistant principal at Lincoln
  • Angela Janda -15 years, second grade teacher at Jackson
  • Susan Krey - 18 years, teacher at Monroe
  • Steven Kleinfeldt - 26 years, principal at Jackson
  • Charles Kurth - 35 years, head custodian at Lincoln
  • Trudy LeClair -21 years, teacher at Monroe
  • Marlene Mangin - 22 years, custodian at Riverview
  • Steven Metzger - 25 years, custodian at Lincoln
  • Clayton Nei - 15 years, tech ed teacher at Washington, Wilson and Lincoln
  • Bonnie Noworatzky - 24 years, secretary at Jefferson
  • Gene Schnelle - 17 years, math and science teacher at Washington, Wilson and Lincoln
  • Jeff Schulz - 20 years, district Buildings and Grounds Director
  • Anne Swanson - 19 years, early childhood and 4K teacher at Riverview
  • Amalie Wardman - 13 years, ESL assistant at Jefferson
  • Mary Wilhelm - 26 years, Chapter 1 home visitor at Riverview


Front row: Angela Janda, Marianne Haag, Bonnie Tennie, Kathy Lemberger. Row 2: Paul (Biff) Hansen, Lindy Backus, Charles Kurth, Patricia Garceau, Jill Cavanaugh, Trudy LeClair, Mary Wilhelm. Row 3: Clayton Nei, Susan DeRoche, Gene Schnelle, Marlene Mangin, Steve Kleinfeldt, Susan Krey, Anne Swanson. Not present: Barb Bundy-Jost, Sandra Maedke, Steven Metzger, Cheryl Breitenfeldt, Cheryl Gorsuch, Carol Haas, Bonnie Noworatzky, Jeff Schulz and Amalie Wardman