Retired Biff Hansen Still Active in Schools

The Herald Times Reporter did a great feature story on retired teacher and principal Paul "Biff" Hansen. Thank you, Biff, for your continued commitment to our youth and community!

MANITOWOC - Paul “Biff” Hansen may be a retired Manitowoc teacher, but he hasn’t left the classroom behind.

Hansen closed his chapter as an assistant principal at Lincoln High School at the end of the 2015-16 school year after nearly 40 years as a Manitowoc educator. But he still spends plenty of time at the high school as a volunteer — serving as the voice of the P.A. system during sports events, coaching basketball and more, or reading with kids during the school day.

Hansen has other interests as well. He's been part of the Out*A*Time rock 'n' roll band for many years and has been involved in city and Manitowoc County politics. But education is his first love.

Read the full Herald-Times Reporter article by Patti Zarling

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